Amped Cold Brew Coffee
Amped Cold Brew Coffee
Small batch, hand crafted cold brew coffee on a bike. On a bike!

Our Story

Amped Cold Brew Coffee serves up small-batch nitro cold brew coffee on a custom built, insulated cargo tricycle. Marshall Sugg, a veteran bartender of past Austin icons such as Lovejoys and The Ritz, founded the company in 2016 to combine his love for coffee, bicycling, and personable service. It also became a symbol of personal determination. The vision of owning a nitro coffee trike business kept him going through a lengthy rehabilitation process after losing his right leg below the knee in 2013. The first thing he wanted to know after he started walking again was, "When can I get back on a bike?" Thus started the planning and researching of Amped Cold Brew Coffee.

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The Mission

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It's all about the coffee.

Small Batch, Nitro Tap.  We steep each three-gallon batch for 22 to 24 hours, and infuse it with nitrogen to produce a smooth and creamy cup of cold brew straight from the tap.

Direct and Fair Trade.  We work with Austin roasters who follow direct and fair trade practices to source their beans, choosing direct trade when possible.

Zero-Waste and Bicycle-Powered. We aspire to be a zero-waste company and currently use compostable/recyclable cups, lids, and straws, on-site composting of coffee grounds and filters at a zero-waste commercial kitchen, and of course the person-powered trike itself.


5712 Manchaca Rd

Austin TX 78745